Consumer Report 2023 – ce obiceiuri de consum au românii

Starcom a lansat ediția cu numărul zece a Consumer Report, despre tendințe în comportamentului românilor, atât în mediul online, cât și offline. Dacă e să comprim concluziile, aș zice că în continuare televiziunea tradițională prinde bine la români, și tot mai mulți folosesc televizoare spart.

8 din 10 români folosesc telefoanele pentru a naviga pe internet, iar acasă laptopurile sunt cele mai folosite, cu tabletele pe locul 2 și desktop-uri pe locul 3.

Facebook, Whatsapp și Instagram sunt cele mai folosite aplicații pentru socializare, iar tinerii stau mai mult pe Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord și Reddit.

Radio în continuare e în declin, poate și pentru că lumea s-a săturat de reclame și emisiuni fără conținut interesant. Tinerii ascultă muzică mai ales online. Pop/Disco/Dance ar fi printre cele mai apreciate genuri muzicale, dar eu cred că nu au inclus și opțiunea manele, că altfel ar fi arătat rezultatele.

A crescut numărul de persoane care nu au cumpărat nici o carte în 2023.

Adolescenții practică mai ales fotbal, atletism, handbal și basketbal, pentru că asta se face în școli.

Online se fac comenzi mai ales pe zona de fashion, cosmetice.

Câteva idei din raport:

  • Traditional television remains the top choice among consumers, yet online TV is holding onto its viewership share. Both Regular and Smart TVs are equally utilized, although Smart TVs have seen an increase in popularity, especially among younger generations, compared to last year. There is a noticeable shift towards new technology in terms of TV screen types.
  • Laptops are the most common devices owned in a household, with tablets following closely and surpassing desktops in ownership compared to 2022. Families with kids and Teens exhibit a greater preference for tablets, appreciating their versatility as suitable devices for both entertainment and educational purposes for kids. Game consoles are prefered more by male teenagers. Single Youth spend more than 240 minutes online, showing an increase from the previous year (59% in 2022 compared to 68% in 2023). Notably, 8 out of 10 people use their phones to access the internet.
  • Chatting and connecting are still the most common reasons people use their mobile phones. Social media sparked more interest in Teens and Single Youth categories compared to last year. Teens are also focused more on watching or listening audio/video materials on their phones. Single Youth and Families with kids use emails, access news sites and take photos in greater extent.
  • Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram are the most used Social Media apps. Among the Single Youth segment, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, and Reddit are the platforms where they are most active. Young women are particularly engaged on Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat, while young men find Discord and Reddit more appealing. Families with kids show a preference for Facebook and Whatsapp. Telegram appears to be gaining more users compared to the previous year.
  • FIFA is the most popular game among Romanian gamers. Single Youth are inclined towards playing active and fast-paced games like Call of Duty, Counter Strike, and Grand Theft Auto. Families without kids show a greater affinity for the more relaxed game Farm Heroes, and in rural areas, Minecraft is also popular among families. Urban players seem to skew more towards Need for Speed and Grand Theft Auto, opposed to those from the rural.
  • Radio continues to experience a decline in popularity compared to 2022. Teens and Single Youth predominantly consume audio content online, finding it a convenient and easily accessible means for such content. Families with kids tend to listen to the radio primarily in their cars during commutes to work or school. Families without kids and mothers are more inclined to enjoy radio at home, reflecting segments of the population that spend more time indoors. However, men from the Families without kids category consume radio in a greater extent in their car or at work.
  • The most enjoyed genres of music include Pop/Disco/Dance and Old songs. The younger generation shows a preference for listening to Rhythm & Blues and Rap/Hip-Hop, while families without kids tend to favor old songs, a preference shared particularly by women from families with kids.
  • In 2023, there has been an increase in the number of individuals stating that they have not made any book purchases in the past year.
  • In 2023, there is a decrease among people who declare that they read books (in physical format) at least once a year, and this decrease is particularly significant among families with children, who likely focused more on reading for their kids – a visible trend in their purchasing behavior as well. This change in people’s behavior correlates with the increase in the consumption of e-books.
  • The average time spent by Romanians outside their homes increased in 2023, with most stating that they spend between 3-5 hours outdoors daily, and some even exceeding 5 hours. Going for a walk or arranging visits with close acquaintances remain the primary outdoor activities.
  • Teenagers are the most active, choosing football, athletics, handball, and basketball, which are primarily the sports practiced in schools.
  • Although Romanians have begun to explore the option of shopping online, the traditional method remains their preference. When comparing age groups, teenagers and Single Youth are the ones who most frequently opt for online shopping. Even families with children are dabbling in online stores, likely to save time. In terms of preferred store types, Romanians seem to prioritize confort, opting for small neighbourhood stores and markets, but they also visit supermarkets. Perhaps stores are chosen based on the type of shopping – neighborhood stores for small weekly purchases, and supermarkets for larger grocery shopping.
  • Online purchased products vary slightly from segment to segment, likely depending on the life stage of the individual and their familiarity with these types of acquisitions. The primary category of purchased products is fashion (clothing or footwear), followed by cosmetics/makeup, and other services or products. Teenagers also make online purchases of sports equipment.
  • When it comes to self-care practices, many women, particularly those with families, tend to prioritize time with loved ones over personal “me time”. When they do choose to take care of their own needs, women from families with kids are more prone to pursue personal passions, indulge in salon visits, or invest in their health through specialized check-ups. On the other hand, for women from families without children taking care of themselves means to a higher extent connecting with nature, cooking, or going to the doctor for annual check-ups. Single youth women demonstrate greater awareness of their needs, engaging more in activities like watching favorite series, shopping, reading, going out, or exercising

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  1. Eu am mai încercar să ascult radio în mașină, uneori te plictisești și de toată muzica de pe internet. Momente. Dar am renunțat rapid la radio. Cel puțin Europa FM este totul o reclamă. Nu sunt calupuri de publicitate, au un concurs oferit de brandul X.

    Lucrez în marketing, dar marketingul mai aplicat, iar ce e mult, e prea mult. Așa că am renunțat și m-am întors la YouTube Music.

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