Lol your blog

I am writing this post in English only because I’ve find a new website, Lolinator, which makes your text very very funny!
So I want to give it a try!
First I will write here some words, it doesn’t matter about what, it doesn’t matter if they are write or wrong!
Then I will enter the link of this post into the Lolinator, and after, I will post here the same text, but in the lol language.
It will be interesting, don’t you think?
Be back in a second!

L.E: In lol language, the same text is

i iz writin thiz post in english onli coz i find new websiet… lolinator… which makez ur txt very very funny!!??!!
so i want 2 giv it try!!??!!
first i wil wriet here sum word… it don’t matta bout wtf… it don’t matta if they r wriet or wrong!!??!!
then i wil enta link uv thiz post in2 lolinator… n afta… i wil post here same txt… but in lol language.
it wil b interestin… don’t u think??!

b bak in second!!??!!

LOL! :mrgreen:


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