Realitatea e că proprietarii afacerilor locale nu sunt interesați de numărul de fani de pe Facebook, de numărul de followeri de pe Twitter sau de numărul de like-uri primite la o fotografie. Li se cam rupe de astea, ei vor rezultate palpabile. Ei vor clienți reali care să apeleze la ei, vor să genereze mai multe vânzări. Spre deosebire de companiile mari care se uită și la chestii gen notorietate, branding, opinia publicului, cei care gestionează afacerile mici sunt foarte atenți la cheltuielile de marketing, deci trebuie să le demonstrezi ca social media marketingul funcționează.

social media cupcakes

You see, there are shitloads of wannabe social media managers and marketers who want to “help local businesses to improve their presence online”. You see, that’s a bullshit claim. Most of the SMEs are after results. They don’t have the capital to invest in some BS social media stuff that will make them look good in front of others, but that will not deliver results.

Posting shit on Facebook does not equal success.

Small business owners are after clients. They want leads, phone calls, people coming in and they don’t give a fuck about Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare.

You THINK that these kinds of services would help local businesses, but the fact is that 99% of small local businesses don’t need THOSE kinds of services.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Social media marketing can work, but lots of people who get into this field understimate the amount of time that is necessary to look after accounts PROPERLY, they target the wrong kinds of businesses and they under charge for their services. Doesn’t this sound conflicting to the first paragraph?

Yes, a little bit.

You see, in the first paragraph I’ve mentioned that small business owners are after results and if you want to succeed in this field you’ve got to position yourself as someone who can deliver results.

For example, let’s say that you are going to specifically target dentists in your area. Let’s ignore everyone else and let’s only focus on the dentists, ok?

So, let’s say we start approaching dentists and we start offering our services. What do we say? Do we straight away offer our package where we tell that we will create a FB, Twitter page for them and post X number of times every single week for a small monthly fee? Do you think dentists really NEED that?


They are after more clients and as a marketing consultant you want to position yourself as a person who will be able to generate new leads / clients for your customers.

Alright, so let’s say that instead of approaching dentists and telling them what do you THINK they should do online, you instead start asking questions. Questions like: how many new clients do you generate per month? Do you use Yellow Pages? If yes, how much do you spend on Yellow Pages ads? Do those ads generate results? Do you know how much each client is worth to you each month? Do you know your lifetime value of a customer? Do you know your average size of transaction?

You see, once you will start asking questions like this you will make yourself look legit and business owners will begin to feel and see you as an authority. Based on the answers that you will receive you will be able to start coming up with offers.

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