Paris Hilton, cel mai tare MC

Uitati cum se comporta un MC adevarat, cum se intretine o petrecere! Asa se face treaba! 😆
Saraca, in ce hal a ajuns.

Ce zicea ea pe acolo? Cititi mai jos. 🙄

“. . . by the way this Sunday fucking night DJ am is here–the shit–he has all his boys–he fucking rocks. LAX is the best fucking place to go. Sunday night is my new favorite night. Everyone in here is rocking their fucking balls off. I love it. I wanna suck it, fuck it, lick it, eat it, snort it, fuck it, [unintelligible]. So lets all party our nuts off because this is the best crowd. Fuck the Hollywood crowd. I love the LAX crowd. They’re all here fucking DJ AM Steve Aoki and all of AM’s fucking boys who are the best DJs ever. We’re gonna have so much fun tonight. I love you and there’s so many hot girls and boys here that I wanna fuck you all. I love you all.”


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